Find Your Phone From the List Below


Each cell phone or electronic device must be in 100% working condition, which includes but not limited to the following:

  •  It will power on and the battery will be able to receive and hold a charge.
  •  All devices must include a working battery. Make sure the device is fully charged before it is sent. Accessories, such as chargers, Bluetooth headsets are accepted; please include them if not in use.
  •  LCD display(s) must fully work and not be broken, bleeding or cracked or damaged in any fashion.
  •  All members of the keypad/keyboard must work and all scroll bars and roller bars must work. All removable parts (like battery doors) must be included.
  •  The antenna (if applicable) is intact and fully functional and the body of the phone where the antenna meets is not cracked or separated.
  •  Cases should be complete and unbroken, no cracks, No loose or broken flips, slide, or swivel. Minor scratches and nicks are acceptable.
  •  Ringer works, speaker and microphone work, camera works and all web browsing functions, including PDA and GPS functions work as designed.
  •  All features of that particular model must work, such as, texting, touch screen, email, push-to-talk, MP3, games, GPS, satellite connection etc.
  •  No red dots! (Check inside the phone behind the battery. If you see a red dot you should know that this phone will be considered broken, even if it works. A red dot means contact with moisture and voids even the manufacturer warranty. Also look at the battery which in some cases will have a similar color changing mechanism used to indicate water contact.) Do not remove the red dot.
When listing models, you must use the actual model number written inside the phone or other electronic equipment. Do not judge the model by picture alone as many models are nearly identical. Incorrect models will be paid the corrected model amount due based on cosmetic and functionality rating.
We DO NOT purchase the following Service Provider Cell Phones:
  •  NECC Wireless
  •  Embarq
  •  TelCel
  •  Rogers Wireless
  •  Simply Freedom
  •  STI Mobile
  •  AMP'd Mobile
  •  3UK/Orange
  •  Qwest
  •  Cellular South
  •  OLD ATT
  •  Virgin
  •  Vodafone
  •  CBeyond
  • - TIM
We also do not purchase any PRE-PAID SERVICE PROVIDERS including TRACFONES and any similarity thereof. We only accept the above for recycling or donation; We will not pay out on any of the above phones..